CALL FOR ARTISTS: "On Reflection"
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CALL FOR ARTISTS: "On Reflection"

Call for Artists: "On Reflection"

Here at RAW we love art, and we love our community. Art is a form of communication and what better way to express the ideas, values and emotions of a community as through art.  At RAW we value how we communicate and educate our customer in those pillars we strongly believe in: Ethical, Local and Direct.  Each of these pillars have strong core values which we would like to express through the use of art and at the same time provide a platform for artists, who we support in difficult times. We would like to announce our third 2021 Artist Call for the RAW Gallery WallThe theme for the next exhibition is: On Reflection, and the exhibition will run from 8 September 2021 – November 30th 2021.

Why the idea of 'Reflection'? RAW Coffee Company, on reflection, has adapted and grown a lot over 14 years to be the company it is today. We will always be eternally grateful for the people behind RAW, from the staff to the customers, our supplied friends, and the farmers at Origin, that make it the tribe that it is. Looking back on reflection of our connections, our challenges, our successes are what keeps the future even clearer. We believe reflection is one of life's most powerful tools of success. Our greatest successes will always come from our greatest challenges, we believe good things take time and a large degree of risk taking. 
So we invite you, talented local artists of the UAE, to fill up your coffee mugs and sit for a moment in 'Reflection’. Show us what comes to mind! Maybe your ideas originate from your past, maybe you find inspiration from something, or someone, or you start your creative process in a specific way, that you want to explore further. 
MEDIUM: Any medium.
SIZES: Large format to be defined, A0, A1, A2, A3.
HOW MANY CAN I SUBMIT? Maximum 5 pieces per artist.
DEADLINE for digital submissions: 30 August 2021 11pm.
No late submissions will be accepted.
All proceeds of the sale of the artwork, will go directly to the selected artists.  Artists can manage the sale of their own work by providing their contact details for the selected pieces.  If the artist chooses for RAW to manage the sale, we can do so by adding 10% to your asking price.
How to submit:
Step 01: Get inspired by the theme: On Reflection to create an artwork OR a series of maximum 5 pieces.
Step 02: Send the digital copy of the work to & We will only be able to consider the work when a digital copy of the artwork has been sent. Please do not send artwork on social media.
Step 03: Once we receive step 2 we will send you the following documents:
  • Terms & Artist checklist
  • Artist bio and rationales for pieces 
  • Waiver
Step 04: Our team will contact you if your work has been selected for the show.  The shortlist will be announced on social media on Thursday 2nd September 2021.
Step 05: Selected artwork need to be submitted to RAW Coffee Company between 3 September – 4 September 2021 (5pm is the cutoff on September 4th)
Step 06: Join us for the socially distanced / virtual opening on 8 September at 7pm – It might be a livestream depending on COVID restrictions
Step 07: Remaining artwork will be removed in 2 months time, end of November.
Important information:
  • Please follow sizing specifications.
  • All artworks need to be original; no copies of other artists or replicas are allowed.
  • Artworks need to be either framed, blocked, or mounted.
  • Artworks need to have hanging provision installed that is supplied by the artist.
  • No artwork will be considered outside of the submission deadline of 6 June 2021.
  • Once your work is selected, all artworks need to be submitted to RAW Coffee Company for hanging and show preparation between 3 September – 4 September 2021.
  • RAW Coffee company will promote the show through digital and social media + PR. To be included, please provide all relevant information + photos and submit is to
  • Artist are required to sign up for the newsletter + encourage their following to do the same in order to receive the newsletter related to the exhibition.
  • RAW Coffee Company will send our 2 newsletters to our subscription list as part of the marketing campaign. Dates will depend on our content calendar.
  • Artwork related to the show will be used for social media + digital marketing but will not be reproduced or sold without the consent of the artist. The artwork will only be used to promote the show or other shows. Taking part of the exhibition grants RAW Coffee Company permission to use the artwork in digital marketing.
  • The artist will be asked to post on social media 1X per week in support of the show. This can follow any format the artist chooses. Hashtags and handles will be provided to the artist in a social media package. #RAWGalleryWall #KeepItRAW @rawcoffeecompany
  • A waiver form will be sent to the selected artist in which RAW Coffee Company does not take responsibility for the artwork. We will however ensure the best care is taken when hanging the artwork.
  • RAW Coffee Company will hang the artwork and provide the wall space and marketing of the exhibition.
  • If the artist chooses to sell the piece / pieces through RAW Coffee Company (payment) we will charge a fee of 10% for admin and bank charges that will be added to the asking price of the artwork.

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