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If for whatever reason you are unable to drink caffeine or it just doesn’t suit you, we have a wonderful solution for you.  It has taken us 15 years to foray into buying this special decaf.  Taking a super-premium natural coffee and then naturally decaffeinating it, and it tastes awesome.  Great body and low acidity, with notes of chocolate, molasses, and nougat.

Sugar cane decaffeination is often called natural decaf, as it uses an organically existing compound which is a by-product of sugar cane processing, called Ethyl Acetate (C4H802).  This process begins with the steaming of the coffee, increasing its porosity, and beginning the hydrolysis of caffeine, which is usually bonded to salts and chlorogenic acid in the bean.  The beans are then submerged in an ethyl acetate solvent until 97% of the caffeine is removed.  Finally, steam is then used to lift residual traces of the compound, leaving less than 30 ppm – which is dramatically less than a banana.

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