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Segera Village is where the Moplaco wash station is located and these are cherries from the surrounding farmers. Sidamo has a nice altitude to allow for slow-growing coffee, and the farmland is still forested and beautiful. The station is at 2100 meters, and we select cherries from various villages of up to 2300 masl.

This coffee is fully washed, in cement tanks, where it ferments for approximately 36 hours when the temperature is very cold and then dried under shade for 3 days, then further dried on raised well ventilated African drying beds.

The Sidamo region of Southern Ethiopia holds the distinction of being one of three trademarked coffee regions found in Ethiopia.

Alongside Harrar and Yirgacheffe, Sidamo holds a Designation of Origin for coffee grown in the region. That's unsurprising when you consider the high altitudes of 1,550 to 2,200 meters above sea level, plentiful rainfall, and fertile soil that make the coffee grown in this region so remarkable.  

The Sidamo region is named after the indigenous ethnic group, the Sidama, who call this region their home.  This coffee is a beautiful example of a clean complex, vibrant Ethiopian-washed coffee.  Floral aromatics, black tea, sweet stone fruit, lovely juicy body, gets super sweet as it cools.

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