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Exiting New Product Launched!
Posted by Karien Mulder on

Exiting New Product Launched!

readyRAWTaking their years of expertise in Specialty coffee, RAW Coffee Company has developed a coffee solution convenient for you!


It enables you to brew your own coffee, anywhere, quite literally anywhere.  Camping, vacations, the outdoors, at home, at school, on the plane, or at work. 

Introducing readyRAW Single Serve Pouches. 


All you need is a kettle, a cup, and some good quality water.  No investment in equipment needed - super simple, hassle free brewing that delivers consistent exceptional quality.

The Specialty coffee industry is growing rapidly worldwide, and consumers are driving demand for better quality, the desire to feel good about what they buy, and to feel connected to the farmers.  Today’s consumer genuinely cares about the ethics of how their coffee is sourced.

RAW intends to challenge the status quo, and not add to the deteriorating environmental footprint created by coffee pods.  We also will never compromise on the actual quality and freshness of the coffee inside the pouches.

ReadyRAW is launching with a range of premium Specialty Arabica single origins to appeal to all palettes, in boxes of 5 units and a mixed sample box, as well as being available for commercial purchase.


Ethiopian Natural Guji

Colombian San Luis Honey Bourbon

Burundi Matraco

Mexican Chiapas

Colombian Planadas

Colombian Decaffeinated

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