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Checking the roast date is just one indication of fresh coffee, and we want to share some info on what we think about this hot topic (assuming you grind your coffee as you make it).

We have run some experiments on the actual cup quality as we trial age our roasted coffees and here’s some truths we discovered that might surprise you:

  • Roast levels impact the life of roasted coffees, with lighter brew roasts or filter coffees optimum between 7 days and 10 days from roasting
  • Natural processed coffees have a “peak window” up to 6 weeks (!!!) from roasting; aging and degassing beautifully if stored correctly in airtight containers.
  • Coffee definitely develops flavors and complexity when rested over a period of time; when preparing espresso based beverages, we are confident in stating a “best by” of 21 – 28 days for our washed coffees

And if you are wondering about the current trend to extend the life of your beans by freezing them – we are not convinced – if its an option of either freezing or losing your beans, obviously go for it.  It’s all down to personal taste preferences, and like freezing any food item, you will be losing some nutritional value and flavor potential. 

Happy caffeinating.

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