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Driving the narrow mountain road up the impossibly steep switchbacks to Finca La Colmenita, or "The Beehive", the views are striking. Far below, the deep valleys of San Pedro Necta stretch. La Colmenita is nearly at the top, with a high 1850 to 2000 MASL farm. It's in the clouds a lot of the time.

When Francisco Cardona Martin bought La Colmenita in 2002, he had a vision: To produce the best quality coffees possible, by planting varieties known for excellence and investing heavily in innovative farming techniques.

Primarily, Francisco cultivates Caturra and Bourbon plants beneath chalum, gravilea, and mature pine trees. Francisco is incredibly resourceful, investing nearly all profits from coffee sold back into the farm. He's beloved in the local community, a kind, and cheerful presence. Those who know him well call him "Chico Cardona".

Together he has worked with Raul Rodas, the 2012 World Barista champion who is mentoring Francisco on his sensory coffee journey, where he often travels to Huehue City, to join cupping sessions to develop his skills and to learn how he can improve his farming techniques.

Francisco called his farm "The Beehive" because he also loves his bees. Happily buzzing about the farm pollinating his coffee plants, bees make the honey which provides a secondary income for the farm. 

Well-balanced and clean, grapefruit acidity, brown sugar syrupy sweetness, ripe strawberries, and gentle nutty notes.

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  • For filtered coffee, how many grams of La Colmenita coffee for 12Oz cup?

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