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Adolfo Hernandez and Adolfito Hernandex Jr have been in the coffee business since 1995 with a small farm called San Juan Buena Vista, located in Alotenango in the region of Antigua Guatemala. It is no secret that Antigua is known for growing excellent quality coffee with perfect growing conditions, really fertile soil, and idyllic surrounding volcanoes, where coffee thrives.

Don Adolfo has been taking care of the farm since 1995, always growing great coffee, now with his son Adolfito involved, they are exploring more with honey and natural processing and also successful experimental fermentation techniques.

The father and son have joined forces with Raul Rodas, the 2012 World Barista champion, together they have been working for a couple of years on refining their processing methods and also to connect the farmers to the International Specialty market.  This year they have increased their Anaerobic natural process with the Caturra, of Buena vista coffee.

The results are amazing, with very clean coffee with a lot of cherry notes, strawberries, pineapple, and cocoa nibs.

This process was made in tanks, where the cherries were soaked in the tank in shade controlling the cherry temperature below 35 degrees, for 5 days straight in fermentation and then dried for 15 days on African drying beds.

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