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Introducing our New Blend 15:51 Blend
Posted by Duaa Sidi on

Introducing our New Blend 15:51 Blend

When RAW celebrated our 10-year anniversary, we crafted a blend we named Vintage. It was a vibrant, complex blend we wanted to drink ourselves. Now five years later, we are now celebrating 15 years of RAW, which coincides with the 51-year celebrations for this amazing country we call home. Hence the name 15: 51.

For our team at RAW and our evolution as a company, this very special blend is a celebration of our own diversity, as well as the diversity of the UAE, it is complex, surprising, evocative, and suggestive of exceptional quality.

We have done the previously unimaginable, and included a beautiful washed Colombian Geisha varietal, with one of our bestselling African sun-dried naturals, to construct this exceptional blend. 

For the connoisseurs, we recommend you enjoy this coffee pure, with no additions, no sugar, and no distractions. You are welcome!

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