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Local artists show us what "Empower" means to them
Posted by Georgia Thompson on

Local artists show us what "Empower" means to them

 1. Anita Prsic

''When I draw, I have only one motive, word in my head. And after, I just let my mind get their own opinion about that matter and that’s how I create uniqueness on a paper.'' 

2. Amna Saeed

''This is Amna from Pakistan and I was born in KSA. I completed my higher education in Pakistan and moved to UAE 5 years ago. I started painting a year after my wedding and made my life colourful''

3. Aparna Sreejith

''My work is called shun the label.. It talks about the tag lines and labels women face in their day to day life and how its high time that it's stopped.. My work reflects on the fact that women should have the freedom to choose between the options presented in their lives and not get judged for it.''

4. Christine Dessa

''This piece of art reflects the strength of woman in society, standing tall in the face of all adversities, depicted here by the ocean and its big wave.''

5. Marisol Grijalva

6. Maryat Shurukhova 

7. Maryat Shurukhova 

8. Maryat Shurukhova 

9. Maryat Shurukhova 

10. Lana Venter

''It is called "Sakura Song" and is about self-empowerment''

11. Radka Gicheva

''This painting is about four great and worldwide famous women. Their life and achievements could be an inspiration for everyone! My painting is dedicated to them and to all women in the world, because each is great and unique in one way or another. I strongly believe that despite their fragility, women around the world are strong and powerful! I made this work of art entirely, following my intuition. It is made in several layers of paint. The first is made with gesso, then the others with acrylic paints, ink, various media, soft and oily pastels. The women's faces are made using a collage technique. I use abstract art as a medium to express my love for shapes and colors. Contrasting colors and incredible abstract details give this work of art a very unique look. The combination of bright and bold colors make this original picture perfect for any wall.''

12. Rita Chehab

Painted during Cancer Month, it symbolizes the flourishing nature of women, our inner strength and unconditional beauty that helps us survive any and all of life's challenges.

 13. Rita Chehab

The elegance and attitude of the Gatsby era is portrayed here, through the subtle expression of this confident women, through her golden clothes, her hair and her eyes.

 14. Rita Chehab

''The Olive symbol of peace is my sincerest wish for the whole world to experience unconditional peace. Her hand is placed next to her heart to express Love to all.''

15. Robert Nedelcu

16. Robert Nedelcu

17. Robert Nedelcu 

18. Robert Nedelcu 

19. Rohita Thomas

''I'm an Abstract Artist working with both alcohol inks and acrylics. I'm a Dentist by profession and an Abstract Artist by passion with a strong inclination towards fluid art especially alcohol ink art. I create and pour my very original art form onto the canvas and synthetic papers. This means that every piece of art is a unique and is impossible to replicate! To me, it's more instinctual and what feels right. What started out as a way to rekindle my passion for art during the pandemic last year soon became a liberating experience.''

20. Sanya Pillay

''Wave after Wave should empower people to be open- minded and to picture things in images that do not seem to make sense at all but make perfect sense after-all.''

   21. Shweta Daryani

  22. Shweta Daryani

This artwork represents all the women in UAE looking together at the Dubai's skyline. 

23. Soniya Mohamed

24. Soniya Mohamed

25. Soniya Mohamed

26. Tara Sabz

27. Tara Sabz

28. Tara Sabz

29. Felicity Faun 

''My husband is always my biggest supporter in everything I do. He always encourages and this is dedicated to him.''

30. Felicity Faun

Inspired by a New York sunrise, a new day is a new chance to change, grow and inspire. 

31. Felicity Faun

''Created after a particular complex day, the drawing reflect twist and turns, change in direction and altered plans.''

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