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Colonia Nuevo Progreso is a town in the municipality of Tequila and is part of the Sierra de Zongolica region in the central mountainous region of the state of Veracruz, Mexico. The inhabitants of this community are of the original Náhua culture. The language they speak is Nahuatl.

This group began working with specialty coffees in 2012, with its representative, Josías Oltehua, later becoming a total of 22 people in their locality. Currently, the group is consolidated in the cooperative, "Café Cooperativo", technically supported by Cafecol (NGO).

Until a few years ago, the main varieties planted were Typica and Bourbon, but due to the increase of rust in coffee plantations, they have had to renew plantations with the Catimore varietal. The coffee plantations are managed agro ecologically (without the use of herbicides or harmful pesticides). The coffee plantations are planted under diverse shade, with a percentage of 50% coverage or higher in some cases.   In addition to coffee, most farmers grow corn, beans, squash, and other edible plants.

Tasting Notes: Almond, clementine, golden raisin.  Really clean, balanced, lovely breakfast coffee!  Almonds, clementine, and sweet golden raisins. 

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