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"On Reflection" - An Exploration Of Contemplation
Posted by Georgia Thompson on

"On Reflection" - An Exploration Of Contemplation

1. Andrew Thompson 

This series of paintings were inspired by a view from the top of a low mountain midday looking down on a herd of camels. Where are they going?

2. Andrew Thompson 

This series of paintings were inspired by a view from the top of a low mountain midday looking down on a herd of camels. Where are they going?

3. Andrew Thompson

A typical scene in Umm Sequim late afternoon. Always wonder what is over the wall....

4. Andrew Thompson

This Jumeirah street scene fills me with memories of how Dubai was many years ago. Quiet streets, quiet city.

5. Hessa Alhammadi

The woman’s fantasy of becoming one with the ocean.

6. Hessa Alhammadi

The deep sea is much more vibrant than others may think.

7. Iti Khanna 

Waves represent freedom; something  that cannot be tamed.

8. Iti Khanna 

The same way water is full of untold stories that are not seen on the surface, I am full of thoughts and values that not everybody observes: this is what I try to portray through my paintings.

9. Iti Khanna 

This painting depicts the feeling you get when you do something that greatly pleasures you; your life fades away and you just enjoy the moment. The world seems brighter, happier, just like a fairy tale.

10. Jasmine Riz

The series represents the life journey of humans. The First painting (The Journey – Begins ) represents the birth and childhood. The second painting (The Journey – at its fullest) represents the youth with full energy happiness and enjoyment. The last painting (The Journey-Curtains) represents where we acquire maturity , where we realize life and acquire knowledge.  

11. Lana Venter

Growing up in South Africa, I feel I am a reflection of its nature. 

12. Natasha Desai

This depicts the origin and end of the human circle of life. It shows your dependency on your creator in the beginning of your journey and the dependency of your creator on you, at the end of theirs. Life is a full circle.

13. Natasha Desai

 Sublime divinity.

14. Natasha Desai

Fish series in blue and red: a duo.

15. Nupur Jha

Crisscrossing emotions across time and space.  Reaching up to the Martian red, unveiling sights that don't betray.

16. Nupur Jha

I am not in a hurry, there is no rush. I choose Peace.

17. Patrick Weiss 

A sense of global community was formed in 2020. My painting is to show both reflection on time passed and also reflection in ourselves.

18. Philippe Deray

The iconic Dubai skyline inside the clouds that have left an indelible mark on all of us.

19. Raisa Rajan

The abstract painting of the beach was inspired to create a serenity in my artwork for the spectator. I have used colors to bring out a positivity, joyful and colorful inner minds which is hidden in every person. Each time the eyes are splashed on my painting I aim to create an ingenuous mind. I have used brass in alcohol painting to instigate a shine in every human beings life. The indigo color represents the double shaded life of a human which can be interpreted in many ways. The light blue indicates the serenity in the mid of two bright side of the life. These shades are a reflection of our human minds.

20. Tara Sabz

There are places on earth that are reflectors. A strange manifestation. An expression of earth, revealing its true nature. A nature that we have never witnessed. Reflecting back on to us, the people.

21. Tara Sabz

The passing of time tell us a lot about the past and the future.

22. Vanessa Grigoleit

Life is about the reflection of things we aren’t allowed to say out loud.

23. Vit 

Layers and layers. 

24. Sara Javaid 

Every human being share an animal trait. I love elephants-they resemble human this artwork shows a man seeing his reflection as elephant beings in several ways as he is friendly, empathetic, social.

25. Sara Javaid 

This artwork is a reflection of beauty that surrounds us, the serenity encompassing us.

26. Radka Gicheva 

I am using abstract art as a medium to express the love I have for free shapes and forms. This painting is made entirely by intuition and expresses my feelings and vision at the same time.

27. Radka Gicheva 

On reflection in this artwork is again the mystery. Finding the hidden faces which are in different spots of the artwork layers.

28. Koko 

Mind like water when reflecting, holding onto nothing, going with the flow. 

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