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RAW Gallery Wall "Diversity" Art Exhibition
Posted by Georgia Thompson on

RAW Gallery Wall "Diversity" Art Exhibition

1.Amani ElBayoumi

Egyptian artist living in UAE, her artistic style is in the realm of impressionism; using a variety of mediums and techniques, such as watercolor, acrylic, and oil, she is able to express her creativity and her greatly influenced by the different countries and cultures she has experienced during her travels which has resulted in a quest of self-discovery and inspiration.

Her artistic journey began by working exclusively with watercolors starting 1995, after seven years of mastering her watercolor technique, she began experimenting with acrylic and oil, using different methods to develop new ways of expression. 

Living abroad, as well as being a UAE resident for many years, has influenced her personally and artistically;  she loves depicting the Egyptian landscape to which she add her own personal vision and a surrealistic touch of color. The diverse cultures and natural environments she has experienced has impacted her understanding of herself as an artist and the unique style she has developed in portraying her visions.

 2.Diana Shaykhutdinova  

"I find the enormous diversity of life on earth quite overwhelming. You just need to open your heart for it! And you will see all beauty around you: in a culture, in a dress, in a dance, in her gaze!"

3.Diana Shaykhutdinova  

"Each person like jewel tone of color of rainbow - all are unique but all belongs. With missing "tone" we cant built inclusive world."

4.Diana Shaykhutdinova  

"People are different in term of religion, ideologies, national origin, race, physical look etc. But there is always one main intersection: we all are human beings!"

5.Gomathi S 

Inspired by the dance form Balle, blossomed from a flower. Used pink colour to to enhance the beauty of the ballerina.

6.Jisha Sameer 

"In this painting I have tried to show the cultural diversity of UAE. It shows how beautiful a city looks through our eyes."

7.Jisha Sameer

"I have tried to show the beauty of a lady in Arabic costume."

8.Rita Chehab  

“Thank you Dubai for taking the initiative to group together 192 countries in one common land, one special event, “Expo 2020” where we can fly from one pavilion to another, taste multiple flavors, introduce ourselves to different cultures, that remind us of who we are! A collection of minds, united and tasked with making a new world, a brighter future, with less poverty, more energy, sustainability, and more opportunities together to reach our goals for a better planet. Thank u for always inspiring us with ur vision, creativity and thinking!"

9.Rita Chehab  

"Sometimes we believe that our ideas are too small, and perhaps too insignificant to amount to anything. But once we combine many good ideas in harmony with other good ideas, we create an orchestra of monumental proportions. This is how I see Dubai Expo 2020, how with its diversity of cultures and ideas, has connected the world to one common objective."


10.Rita Chehab 

"Walking apparently in the same direction, people of different tastes different backgrounds, perhaps different goals, all lean on each other, and walk together towards a future that seems uncertain. But together, they become brave and adventurous and beautiful."

11.Ruksana Sasoon

For nearly a decade Ruksana Sasoon a passionate Fine Arts Painter, Self-learner is actively involved in creating independent projects. Ruksana works primarily on Watercolor and Acrylic. She believes that art has the power to transform illuminate to educate and inspire every individual. Her latest addition to her paintings are that of minimalistic art with tropical touch which she feels is one way of portraying the emotion in a unique style. She is Inspired by Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cézanne a significant portion of her work is also inspired by nature.

12.Sabah Khan

"This artwork talks of being together and strengthening the connection of unity. One line cponnecting all the faces in such a way as to show they are different yet connected."

13.Salva Amin Azad

"Nuns walking on Berlin’s streets alongside late David Bowie’s photographs in a fancy store. Different generation, different beliefs, different people, we all exist in the same universe."

14.Salva Amin Azad

"We all come from the same mother, Mother Nature."

15.Saniya Pillay

"I want to represent diversity through nature and art. The lilies represent diversity as they all unique."

16.Varsha Khatri 

Tranquility is living in friendship with oneself and with every creature. Buddhism envisions peace as inner state of mental tranquility which spreads outward. Buddha attained inner peace by the practice of which spreads outward. Buddha attained inner peace by the practice of meditation, which inspired him to work for world peace.

17. Varsha Khatri 

Love in Hinduism is sacrament. It preaches that one gives up selfishness in love, not expecting anything in return. Radha Krishna relationship is considered as the highest form of love, the divine love which is not only love of female and male but love between souls, love between soul and the divine power.

18.Christine Dessa

"I have used the scarf to depict Unity in Diversity. The scarf is a symbol of power for woman in some societies, while a symbol of modesty in others. There should be no discrimination on how this piece of cloth is worn."

19.Ruxandra Mocean

"We are all broken, regardless of color or background and our purpose in life is to heal one another, help one another get reborn from our own ashes, rebuilding others with our very own broken pieces."

20.Ruxandra Mocean

"Inspired by the Bible passage where Moses split the sea. An expression of freedom but, above all, God's love for people in all their shapes and colors. We were all made in his perfect image and we are all saved by his Grace, regardless of race."

 21.Nadia Yoshioka

The artist conveys diversity through various colours used to showcase the colorful people of the world. Everyone is different from the other and stands out by being themselves. The artist further implies a positive message via this painting, that one should believe in themselves and create a colorful world together.

Nadia Yoshioka

Each human being has their own experiences in life and everyone has gone through a good or bad experience which made them shape how they are today. That is why we should respect one another and be kind to each other.

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