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RAW Gallery Wall Exhibition "Peace"
Posted by Duaa Sidi on

RAW Gallery Wall Exhibition "Peace"

1.Diana Shaykhutdinova

"Allow nature's peace to flow into you as sunshine flows into trees" (John Muir)"

2.Diana Shaykhutdinova

"You have to find peace. if you don't you might, not come back up" -Nakoa Decoite (big wave surfer)"

3.Diana Shaykhutdinova

"Inner peace is like a sunrise for the soul. illuminating, uplifting, and calming. very precious, indeed."

4.Gomathi Siva

"This painting is an intricately detailed piece of artwork integrating the Charisma of Buddha at the backdrop of an unique Indian silk art. I have used the magnificence yet simplicity to portray the Enchanting Charisma of Buddha"

5.Hiram Cruz

"Peace starts with care. If we cannot care for ourselves it will be difficult to care for others. We must learn to care and teach others so peace can last."

6. Lana Venter

"As early morning light filters through the forest canopy, myself at peace. There's the promise of something new. Everything is not known. All is not yet revealed. But I find Walking Into the Mystery"

7. Nadia Yoshioka

"For sea lovers. This painting is made by the artist who loves to enjoy the view of the sea and how it brings calmness to the soul. It represents a magical mixture of goodness for the human mind and soul."

8. Radhika Grover

"Peace to me means to coexist in harmony and the seamless bleeding of these vibrant colours celebrate our diversity seen through the eyes of the white doves, the symbol of peace."

9. Rita Chehab

"Dedicated to Cancer Awareness, and speaks of the special bond between a mother and child. The mother whispers to the child, carrying warmth and love in her breath. The child's unconditional love gives her mother all the strength she needs to overcome anything. This peaceful embrace is pure Love."

10. Rita Chehab

"When we have will, anything can be beaten. When we have positivity, all negativity can be defeated. And when we have faith, anything can be mended. This unity among like-minded individuals is the ingredient to Peace."

11. Rita Chehab

"Sometimes, the simplest of moment, when a mother is walking side by side with her child, each imagining themselves as the other, we find Joy, Comfort and Peace in the thought that we are truly blessed to have each other, but to be our own persons."

12. Rosalie Fordyce

"The dove in flight demonstrates movement towards making & maintaining peace, which is reflected in the fluid art medium. Blue Skies Ahead depicts a hopeful look towards a Peaceful future."

13. Rosalie Fordyce

"This beach evokes peace in me.The Fluid Art Medium reflects the motion of the ocean, the waters cleansing both physically and emotionally, it truly does wash away my worries." 

14. Ruxandra Mocean 

"Real peace starts from within. No matter how great the surroundings are, if we are not at peace with ourselves, our inner storm will impact how we see everything else and how we react to everything."

15. Ruxandra Mocean 

"God will make a way where there seems to be no way."

16. Ruxandra Mocean 

"In the middle of the heaviest storm prayer creates a protective shield that keeps us from drowning."

17. Sehrish Fatima

"Inspired by hour glass this painting is about time and life presenting what you need at the right time."

18. Sehrish Fatima

"Inspired by the journey of life that the 'fate' is already determined. Viewer may see this painting with their own vision. This may relate to anyone's life. Contemporary abstract art."

19. Sneha Changroth

"A positive feeling of oneness with the earth and its life forces where the boundaries between self and the rest of nature are obliterated and a deep sense of peace and connectedness pervades consciousness."

20. Varsha Khatri

"Sufism is considered as one of the most peaceful religion. The Sufis are considered as ambassadors of peace, love, compassion. Their mystical whirling is so peaceful and follows the rhythms of life, the heartbeat and breath, as a Divine Art."

21. Varsha Khatri

"Lose yourself in Nature and find peace" - Ralph Waldo Emerson. Nature is the biggest messenger of peace. From beautiful flowers green grass in meadows, chirping of the innocent birds, the gentle fall of the rain and that aroma of the wet soil, everything is so peaceful. Nature inspires us to be peaceful.

22. Christine Dessa

"Dance is a universal language that allows a person the freedom to express oneself through movement, to feel alive and at peace with oneself. My love of various forms of dance & music were the inspiration behind this piece."

23. Christine Dessa

"Dance is a universal language that allows a person the freedom to express oneself through movement, to feel alive and at peace with oneself. My love of various forms of dance & music were the inspiration behind this piece."

24. Gabrielle Wanjohi

25. Gabrielle Wanjohi

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