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The top 10 beautiful artworks under the theme 'Psychedelic Surrealism’ for Quoz Arts Festival
Posted by Georgia Thompson on

The top 10 beautiful artworks under the theme 'Psychedelic Surrealism’ for Quoz Arts Festival

1. Diana Shaykhutdinova

"All of us we do have different "faces". And depends of situations or people around us its changing. Painting has been done by neon colors. So with LED light one face turn to other."

2. Galyna Greiss

"Coffee is a big part of our lives nowadays. Model's chest covered in grinded coffee and she has coffee cups as a headpiece. These represents modern coffee culture."

3. Hiram Cruz

"People synchronize in various ways in our daily lives. This art piece is a visual representation of synchronization when different minds, culture, genders, and perspectives coincide." 

4. Joanna Patejuk

"Individual and repeatable. Pulling out of the dreamland through morning rituals to face the hardships of everyday life."

5. Mia Andoniou

"Breathe, is a digital art piece created using a variety of digital media. Breathe is inspired by the innate human relationship with nature, depicting our connection to the planet and it's impact on out emotions, attitudes, and behavior."

6. Nouf Almulla

"The work explores the emotional consequences that resented after the sudden change of COVID 19. During the pandemic lot was changed and challenged. A sense of moving on also getting back to the real world there was still a point of loss." 

7. Safeya Sharif 

"Joy and Hallucinogenic visually representing a lucid state which can be achieved without pharmaceuticals. The idea is thinking of deception, illusion, and click-bait. "

8. Sara Javaid 


9.  Varsha Khatri 

"Through this artwork I am depicting the state of Ecstasy. The state where you are on cloud nine, above rainbow feeling so blissful and mystic. As you rise above, you leave behind all the sorrows and shackles which were holding you back. The state involving an experience of mystic self-transcendence"

10. Yuvika Garg 

"This work is inspired by a state of trance. Mix and match of different mediums and strokes create an unexpected juxtaposition of texture and ideas."

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