Mr. Clever - Coffee Dripper (Large)

These great little brewers offer the best of both the pour-over and immersion styles. Similar in shape to a V60 pour-over dripper, Mr. Clever also has a stop tap at the bottom of the cone. This means you can put your coffee in, pour your water over and steep for a desired amount of time.

To drain the cone simply place the brewer on top of your cup and it opens the tap and drains out. There is a small saucer for it to rest on to catch any drips, and a lid to keep the brew hot while steeping. The Mr. Clever brews one flavourful cup at a time.

Dhs. 150.00
Total: Dhs. 150.00
Mr. Clever - Coffee Dripper (Large)

About this product

The Clever Coffee Dripper combines the best features of French Press and filter drip brewing, eliminating the drawbacks of each. By adding a stopper to a filtercone, the Clever Coffee Dripper combines control over steeping time with a sediment free cup. The dripper will fit on cups and thermoses with tops wider than 1.5" and less than 3.75" in diameter.

Cleaning the Clever Coffee Dripper is very easy. Just dispose of the used grounds and filter and rinse. Do not allow residue to build up in the filter. Lightly scrub the cone with very hot water and a sponge or brush, taking care to clean shut off mechanism lightly from the top. If necessary, use a detergent-free cleaner designed for carafes and filtercones.

Capacity: 532ml (18oz)

Material: 100% BPA-free Plastic