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350MGO - 250g
The top of the range pure Manuka honey. This honey is tested and certified at a minimum of 350MGO. The amazing benefits of Manuka honey are provided in a concentrated. 

100MGO - 500g
Their standard Manuka honey provides an MGO level of 100. This comes with a reduced cost and makes for excellent daily-use honey. Their 100MGO honey is an excellent natural preventative. 

+400MGO - Special Reserve Mānuka 500g
Selectively aged to reach full flavour and MGO development. Good for immunity boost, topical applications like burns or as a face mask. Also a great digestive aid. This is our best honey.

Pōhutukawa - 500g
This honey comes from the iconic coastal trees found around the Coromandel. These beautiful red flowers produce an incredibly smooth and creamy honey with a slightly salty finish. Great in Tea or coffee or on the cheese board. (not manuka)

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