Burundi, Matraco

A big bold smooth coffee with excellent body, very balanced. Amazing espresso. Baked caramel, toffee, and brown spices. Finishing with a long sweet raisin and milk chocolate finish.

Brown Spices
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Burundi, Matraco
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About this coffee

Big bold smooth coffee with excellent body, very balanced.  Amazing espresso. Baked caramel, toffee and brown spices. Finishing with a long sweet raisin and milk chocolate finish.

Burundi, Matraco
Varieties: Red Bourbon
Country: Burundi
Process: Natural or Dry Processed
Region: Kayanza / Muyinga
Altitude: 1650 - 1800 masl
Producers: Matraco by Zuberi Matsitsi
Drying Method: Sun dried
Harvested: December - March

About this product

This beautiful coffee is made up of natural processed coffees from two Matraco washing stations, Businde and Nyagishiru. This coffee was processed collectively by first collecting cherry and individually hand sorting, then laid out to dry on raised beds where it is exposed to the sun during the day, drying over a 25 day period. It is covered at night and in rainy weather to encourage stable and steady drying temperatures. Coffee is sorted for defects as it dries and when reaching final moisture of 12.5-13% on the beds, it is removed for final drying in storage to stabilise.
Something unique and special about Businde CWS is that it is located in the hill where the Twa people come from. This is extremely rare as it is the least populated of the ethnic groups in Rwanda and Burundi after Hutu and Tutsi’s. One key reason other than the superior quality of this coffee, that we work with Zuberi is to support this ethnic minority. The Twa community are some of the poorest when it comes to wealth inequality amongst ethnic groups.
Nyagishiru CWS is located near the Ruvubu river, Buhinyuza commune (Muyinga Province) in the North East of Burundi. This CWS has 200 raised beds and uses a Mackinnon pulper. It has four fermentation tanks and two soaking/pre-floating tanks. The CWS is located on the hill on Nyagishiru and collects cherry from 12 neighboring hills. Matraco farms 7000 of its own trees on the Nyagishiru hill. Matraco have contributed with seedlings for their Farmers in order to replace old aged coffee trees and provided funds for a school and health center construction in the Muyinga Province and next year we will be able to source washed coffee from this region.