Colombia Risarlada, Cultured


The Colombia Risarlada, Cultured is an unique coffee consisting of aromatic vanilla, lovely lingering, creamy body, and long caramel finish. 

Strong 91.5 cupping score which has a tasting note of Pineapple, coconut, vanilla, passionfruit, caramel.

Here's a quick explanation of this experimental process: 

We have the raw material in one hand (pulped coffee), the starter culture (lactobacillus) in another and finally the fresh fruits which are coconut and pineapple. 

All this is doing its own fermentation process simultaneously but separately, then when we have the right conditions (brix and temperature) to mix the three of them we proceed.  First the fermented fruit and coffee is put together in tanks and finally the starter culture is added, the tanks are closed, and we start a common fermentation process (anaerobic), temperature and oxygen is regulated depending on the fruits fermentation level and the tanks are opened regularly. After 3-5 days this fermentation is completed, and the coffee is then hulled and taken to the drying beds. 


Dhs. 150.00
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Colombia Risarlada, Cultured

Colombia Risarlada, Cultured
Varieties: Castillo Naranjal
Country: Colombia
Process: Culturing
Region: Risaralda, Santa Rosa De Cabal
Altitude: 1600 MASL
Producers: Café Da Vida by Andres and Julio Madrid
Drying Method: Washed / Sundried
Harvested: February to March 2022

About this product

Café Da Vida are a family of farmers, exporters, and importers, sharing their stories and experimental techniques with the world of specialty coffee. Da Vida is about giving life to those origins that are hidden in the mass consumption coffee and connecting them with a home place where their profiles and stories can be appreciated. Coming from Latin languages “from life” & “to give life”. La Rivera farm is owned by Mr Madrid and managed by Mr Julio Andres and together they have developed on their land some of the worlds most desired and highly profiled varieties, using cold fermentations, and experimental techniques that they call “Culturing”.
Located in Risaralda in the Andes Mountain Range, near the municipality of Santa Rosa De Cabal, a land well known for its water springs, volcanic soils and warm people, this farm is extended from 1400MASL to 1800MASL. In it you can appreciate a diverse variety of coffee micro lots always accompanied by green banana, corn, and beans crops.
Culturing: Is a fermenting technique used in different kind of food such as yogurt, using microorganisms which will help in the process of anaerobic (without oxygen) fermentation. The sugar content (brix) is measured and left without oxygen at a stable temperature. For this limited time coffee offering, they have processed an exceptional Gesha varietal with local fresh pineapple and fresh tropical coconut.