Ethiopia Kawo Kamina


This Sheka Natural coffee is farmed and produced entirely from the Kawo Kamina farm in the Sheka region.  Meticulously hand-picked ripe beans that are then graded again by hand, to remove impurities, then washed in spring water fermentation tanks, to remove unwanted green beans.  Coffee is then dried on African-raised drying beds for approximately 15 days.

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Ethiopia Kawo Kamina

Ethiopia Kawo Kamina
Varieties: Heirloom
Country: Ethiopia
Process: Sun dried Natural
Region: Sheka
Altitude: 2100 – 2300 masl
Producers: Heleanna Georgalis
Drying Method: Raised African drying beds
Harvested: October to December

About this product

Some interesting facts: It is well known that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and the origin of all 55 varietals known today. A paper published in the World Coffee Research Organisation last year has shown proof that using modern genetic equipment they can scientifically prove that the Arabica varietals have evolved from one single ancestral plant.
It also confirms that the Arabica coffee has lower genetic diversity than any other major crop species worldwide. This in itself, reveals a profound vulnerability due to climate change, pests, and deforestation.
Very clean Naturally processed coffee, sweetness like brown sugar, full bodied, very balanced with lovely fruit complexity of ripe peaches and pineapple.