Ethiopia Sheka Honey ***90 Cup Score!


Grown and produced on Heleanna’s own our farm called Kawo Kamina.  This experimental honey processed coffee is pulped using a very old hand de-pulping machine, leaving all the mucilage on the outside of the beans where they are then turned daily and dried on raised African drying beds. 

Honey processed coffees add another layer of complexity to the flavor potentials of coffee bringing out more sweetness and in this case a very unique flavor character.

Black berry
Honey & Cream
Dhs. 76.00
Total: Dhs. 76.00
Ethiopia Sheka Honey ***90 Cup Score!

Ethiopia Sheka Honey ***90 Cup Score!
Varieties: Heirloom
Country: Ethiopia
Process: Honey Process
Region: Sheka
Altitude: 2100 – 2300
Producers: Heleanna Georgalis
Drying Method: Raised African drying beds
Harvested: October to December

About this product

The Sheka area is heavily forested, where it rains a lot, producing a unique climate. Drying coffee can be truly a challenge and honey processed coffee’s even more so.
An incredibly clean honey processed coffee, extremely sweet and complex, and full bodied. The first coffee I have ever described with a Cola flavor. Sweet, Complex, and pronounced Black berry notes.
With this coffee, as the coffee beans dry, the sticky mucilage oxidizes and darkens in colour and influences the complexity and sweetness of the coffee. This drying method requires careful attention to drying times, humidity, heat, and the oxidization of all the sugars. This process is measured as white / yellow / gold / red or black honey.