Colombia Monteverde Wush Wush

Wush Wush is a rare variety that landed in Colombia in the early 1990’s, that originated in the Southern Jimma / Sidamo region of Ethiopia.  This elegant coffee presents with similar flavor profiles to its cousin the Gesha varietal, with vibrant complexity, floral aromatics and an amazing long sweet finish. 

Apricot jam
ripe stone fruit
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Colombia Monteverde Wush Wush

Colombia Monteverde Wush Wush
Varieties: Tim-Tim and Ateng varietals
Country: Colombia
Process: Step 1, 72 hour anaerobic fermentation Step 2, 48 hour aerobic fermentation Sun dried
Region: Herrera, Southern Tolima
Altitude: 1800 MASL
Producers: Gildardo Gutierrez
Drying Method: Raised beds over 25 days
Harvested: October to February

About this product

The cherries are meticulously hand-picked at the highest level of maturation, observed using a refractometer, and measuring around 25 Brix. With this methodology, the family Gutierrez have trained the seasonal pickers to pick the ripest cherries. This particular coffee undergoes a two-stage fermentation. The first stage is a 72-hour controlled temperature anaerobic fermentation, which sits between 19 and 23 degrees Celsius. Stage two is a 48-hour controlled temperature and pH aerobic fermentation.
similar techniques for their production. Once the fermentation step is complete, the coffee is sun-dried in greenhouses, on African raised beds. During this process, airflow is adapted to control the relative humidity inside the greenhouse and the temperature at which the coffee is dried. This temperature never goes above 37 degrees Celsius. The drying process takes around 25 days, and once the coffee reaches 11% humidity, it is packed in GrainPro, and vacuum sealed in 30kg bricks.
Complex ripe fruit acidity, floral aromatics of jasmine and old fashioned roses, balanced sweetness with ripe fruit notes of stone fruits (peaches and nectarines), Apricot jam and Guava.