Peru, Chota


We are pleased to see the return to RAW of the beautiful coffee origin Peru. 

Deep flavor notes of bakers chocolate and dried fig, with the sweetness of molasses, low acidity and long balanced

Bakers chocolate
Molasses syrup
Dried fig
AED 60.00
Total: AED 60.00
Peru, Chota

Peru, Chota
Varieties: Caturra, Pache
Country: Peru
Process: Traditional Washed (depulped day of picking, dry fermentation in open tanks for 24-36 hours, hand washed)
Region: Chota, Cajamarca
Altitude: 1900-2200masl
Producers: Small producer blend (1-3 hectares per producers, individual lot sizes between 2 and 15 bags)
Drying Method: Natural drying (without shade, though slow due to cold climate and lots of clouds in the area)
Harvested: August-September

About this product

Grown by a group of farmers, all with small lot sizes on 1 – 3 hectares of land, yielding between 2 and 15 sacks of green beans we managed to purchase 20 tons of this lovely clean, superb bodied, low acidity coffee
Peru is the 5th largest global producers of Arabica varieties and offers an extensive range of certified organic and fair trade coffees. Peru enjoys abundance of high elevations, cool climate, and frequent rainfall, which are all essential factors in quality coffee production.
Most coffee farmers have little or no access to pesticides and fertilizers, meaning by default that the majority of Peruvian coffees are organically grown.