SCA CSP Introduction to Coffee

SCA CSP Introduction to Coffee
SCA CSP Introduction to Coffee
1/2 Day
Cost per Person
AED 950.00

Introduction to Coffee is an ideal module for anyone who is new to the coffee industry or just has an interest in this wonderful drink. It charts coffee’s journey from its origins in Ethiopia to the major commodity it is today, enjoyed by millions of people around the world. From farming the cherries through drying, roasting, brewing and finally drinking, this module looks at the processes coffee goes through. This half day course also includes a “coffee cupping” which allows you to taste the various flavours coffee has to offer.

SCA - 10 Points

Examination fees (paid additionally):

  • SCA Member AED 325
  • SCA Non-Members AED 405

*Training and Examination fees are non-refundable. 

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