Ethiopia, Guji - Natural ***89 Cup Score!

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Ethiopian Natural Guji is beautifully complex, with floral aromatics, notes of vanilla, cherry and cocoa, and sweet tropical fruits.  One of our best sellers, as an espresso you will get stone fruits and cocoa, turning into cheesecake when you add milk.

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Ethiopia, Guji - Natural  ***89 Cup Score!
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About this coffee

This Guji is complex, beautifully fruity and aromatic, just like our fully washed Guji, but with all those classic natural process qualities. It has floral aromatics and sweet tropical fruit notes. These fruits are also present in its acidity which is medium and sweet. Other notes which are present are vanilla, cherry and cocoa. As an espresso, you’re going to get stone fruit and cocoa which is going to turn into cheesecake as a milk based beverage.

Ethiopia, Guji - Natural ***89 Cup Score!
Varieties: Heirloom varietals
Country: Ethiopia
Process: Sun dried natural
Region: Guji, Oromio Region
Altitude: 1850 - 1950 masl
Producers: Heleanna Georgalis (MOPLACO Trading Co.)
Drying Method: Sun-dried on raised beds and patios
Harvested: Nov - December

About this product

Named after one of its local tribes, Guji is a small area in the Oromio region. When each of the smallholders responsible for harvesting this coffee picks the coffee cherries, they often end up with an assortment of under, over, and just-ripe cherries. This results in a variation of quality when the coffee reaches the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) after processing.
We’ve managed to get this particular Guji from a reputable farmer and producer who purchases the coffee from the ECX and then meticulously grades it before exporting to fortunate roasters like us. This ensures premium quality, not many roasters are able to pass on to their customers. It is this producer's dedication to meticulous hand processing that makes this Guji stand out from other coffees in this area.
Natural process coffees are also particularly difficult to produce especially if they are to meet the requirements of specialty coffee. Many steps must be made to ensure the ripest cherries are picked and laid to dry, there is adequate air flow to stop mould and bacteria forming on the cherries, and continually rotating them as they dry. The aim of the game is to ensure, consistent and even drying and fermentation, but within a certain window of time. Too short a time and the sugars from the mucilage won’t pass to the bean, and too long and negative ferment will affect the beans flavour profile. Not to mention planning for bad weather, naturals are a risky business, but they pay big dividends in coffee such as this Guji.