Comandante X25 Trailmaster


The new Comandante X25 Trailmaster is a sturdy, robust and lightweight coffee grinder.

The polygonal body is molded into a stable single piece using cutting edge techniques. It's equipped with a state-of-the art Nitro Blade burr for familiar world class grind performance in this extraordinary new body.

Selecting the best material for an outdoor grinder body is mission critical. After comprehensive research in their laboratories and after conducting extensive field tests, their engineers selected a special reinforced techno-polymer as the material of choice for the new X-Series outdoor products — QTP.

QTP is a high performance techno-polymer with a substantial amount of quartz reinforcement particles, interwoven into an elastic and strong long-chain polymer matrix. It feels like ceramic and performs like a technical super composite.

The QTP composite was originally developed for mechanical and equipment engineering. It’s also used in the automotive industry for bearing and gearbox components.

QTP is safe in contact with food and water, and is a trademark of Comandante.

AED 990.00
Total: AED 990.00
Comandante X25 Trailmaster

About this product

Built for true coffee enthusiasts and specialty coffee connoisseurs, the C40 (MKIII) Nitro Blade is a robust high-performance coffee hand grinder with an advanced burr set design. The selection of the burr material is the proud result of dedicated research and development. Clear design mixed with high performance. With refined geometry and structure of the Nitro Blade burr, the COMANDANTE gets the grind performance you are looking for and the particle distribution which worked best with brewing fresh ground specialty arabica beans.