Mexico, Chiapas – Washed

Ejidos y Comunidades Cooperative, San Fernando

Made up of around 1300 indigenous members from four different regions (Center, Frailesca, Sierra and Los Altos), the Cooperative Union of San Fernando was established in 1988. Most of the coffee is grown at an altitude between 1200 – 1600 masl. This group is managed as an “ejido”, and functions a bit differently than a typical cooperative. An ejido is a piece of land farmed communally under a system supported by the state. What’s cool about this set up is that the group collectively makes decisions on how to farm their land, which varietals to plant and at which elevations, etc. Women producers account for nearly 40% of total membership which is slightly lower than some other producing nations.

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Mexico, Chiapas – Washed
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About this coffee

This Mexican is a classic from the Chiapas, Southern Region. It has a mellow acidity that hints at fruits in the first sip, which moves into a full chocolatey and nutty flavor profile, finishing off with a cacao-like aftertaste. All of this is wrapped up in a delicious creamy body, giving you those smooth mouthfeels. Perfect for those that like their coffee smooth and sweet.

Tasting Notes
Varieties: Yellow and Red Catuai
Country: Mexico
Process: Fully washed
Region: Chiapas – San Fernando
Altitude: 1200-1600 masl
Producers: Cooperative Union
Drying Method: Sun-dried on Patios
Harvested: December – March