Our primary business is roasting for our commercial customers’ cafes and restaurants. We supply everything you need to prepare and serve your customers freshly roasted coffee.

We do coffee, just coffee and we do it well.

We deliver to our customers on a weekly basis so you are always using the coffee at its peak freshness and flavour.

As a company we believe entering competitions provides a good measure of industry standards and how we stand in relation to them. Competing in allows baristas to focus on the core skills needed to consistently deliver the highest quality coffee. Over the past 6 years we have been successful at the UAE Barista, UAE Cezve Ibrik, World Barista and World Cezve Ibrik Championships:

2016/17 World Cezve/Ibrik - 1st Karthik

2014/15 UAECIC - 1st Karthik

2014 World Cezve/Ibrik - 3rd Matt

2014 World Barista - 48th Kushal

2013/14 UAEBC - 1st Kushal, 3rd Kim, 6th Felix

2012 World Barista  -  38th Matt

2011/2012 UAEBC  -  1st Matt and 2nd Kushal

2011 World Barista  -  47th Raja

2010/2011 UAEBC  -  1st Raja, 4th Kushal and 6th Elavarsan

2009/2010 UAEBC - 2nd Kim and 3rd Raja