Colombia Carbonic Maceration ***93 Cup Score!!!


Located in Quindío, at the heart of the Eje Cafetero, Sebastian Ramirez' farm is located between 1.590 - 1.740 MASL. At his farm, he produces one of the best Pink Bourbon’s we have ever had the pleasure to try. He focuses his attention on the processing and for this, he works closely with Q graders and Q Processing professionals who inspect the fermentation processes at the farm.

Dried Fig
Star fruit
Dhs. 125.00
Total: Dhs. 125.00
Colombia Carbonic Maceration ***93 Cup Score!!!

Colombia Carbonic Maceration ***93 Cup Score!!!
Varieties: Pink Bourbon
Country: Colombia
Process: 100 hours fermentation, 100 hours pulped (with CO2 and Lemongrass leaves)
Region: Quindio, Eje Cafetero
Altitude: 1590 – 1740 masl
Producers: Sebastian Ramirez
Drying Method: Raised drying beds
Harvested: October to March

About this product

Sebastian works with an animal foundation called Bienestar Animal and he brings to his farm dogs that the foundation has rescued. Sebastian named his coffee lots after his dogs, so it is not weird to find a nano lot Pink Bourbon called Garota or Tigre or any other non-coffee related name. (Picture shows Garota guarding).
El Placer means "The Pleasure" in English and after one tries Sebastian coffee it is clear why he decided to name his farm El Placer, as his coffees are outstanding. Currently, he is exports all over the world to Specialty roasters and we have been fortunate to purchase a nano-lot of 240kgs from him. We have cupped this coffee at an exceptional 93 points!
Our first Carbonic Maceration processed coffee, infused with Lemongrass leaves. Spectacular coffee with incredible aromatics, balanced body, very interesting lemongrass acidity and vibrant blueberry and star fruit notes.