Ethiopia, Harar - Natural

Harari Region, Eastern Highlands

Like most coffees that are exported from Ethiopia, this coffee comes from many different small holders from a large area of land, within a particular region. In this case, Harar in the eastern highlands. The majority of coffees that are grown in Ethiopia are not farmed in the same sense as other coffee producing nations. As it is the birthplace of coffee, the trees grow in the wild as they have done since before coffee was discovered.


Harar is a region that, when harvested and processed and sorted correctly tastes incredibly unique with its trademark notes of ripe blueberries. However, the future for the entire region is looking bleak. Harar is a very dry and arid place, which is prefect conditions for drying coffees as Naturals, with very little moisture in the air, there is less chance of undesirable ferment be passed into the cup. But, due to rising temperatures, water shortages, and the increasing production of the local Khat, we’re seeing less and coffee being produced in Harar.

The heirloom varietals which are grown in Harar (two of which are thought to be Longberry and Mokka) tend to be elongated in shape and have a yellow-blueish hue, a trademark colour for this region. There tends to be a marked difference between the heirloom coffees of Eastern and Western Harar, the western tending to be predominantly Longberry, and tasting heavily of chocolate, with a cleaner cup profile but less fruity. The varietals growing in the East tend to be more varied but taste more heavily of fruit, red wine, chocolate and in exemplary cases, that fresh blueberry.

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Ethiopia, Harar - Natural
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About this coffee

This Harar produces a classic Harari flavor profile with notes of milk chocolate and cacao, hints of berries and red stone fruit. The most striking aspect of this coffee is its creamy and coating mouthfeel. With a medium-low acidity, high sweetness and positive, cacao-like bitterness this Harar is great as both a black and milk based beverage and won’t disappoint.

Tasting Notes
Varieties: Heirloom varietals
Country: Ethiopia
Process: Sun dried natural
Region: Harar
Altitude: 1800 - 2150 masl
Producers: Heleanna Georgalis (MOPLACO Trading Co.)
Drying Method: Sun-dried on raised beds and patios
Harvested: October - February