Ethiopia, Limu - Washed

Western Jimma, Oromio Highlands

Limu is an heirloom coffee coming from the Western Highlands of the Jimma Zone in the Oromio Region. The area is heavily forested, has abundant natural water and hummus rich soil. With similar growing conditions and environment to both neighboring Yirgacheffe and Sidamo, this washed coffee presents with similar bright citric vibrancy and fragrant floral notes.

Natural process coffees are also particularly difficult to produce especially if they are to meet the requirements of specialty coffee. Many steps have to be made to ensure the ripest cherries are picked and laid to dry, there is adequate air flow to stop mould and bacteria forming on the cherries, and continually rotating them as they dry. The aim of the game is to ensure, consistent and even drying and fermentation, but within a certain window of time. Too short a time and the sugars from the mucilage wont pass to the bean, and too long and negative ferment will affect the beans flavour profile. Not to mention planning for bad weather, naturals are a risky business but they pay big dividends in coffee such as this Guji.

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Ethiopia, Limu - Washed
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About this coffee

The washed process Ethiopian Limu, is bound to surprise fans of Ethiopian coffees with its notes of spice and wine. A sip of this coffee would take you on a journey that starts with an Apricot-jam like sweetness. The notes of dried berries and wine kissed by slight floral notes would be immediately recognizable. You would then be graced with the heat of warm, brown spices accompanied by a syrupy mouthfeel, wrapping up the journey with a long finish.

Tasting Notes
Varieties: Heirloom varietals
Country: Ethiopia
Process: Fully washed
Region: Western Jimma, Oromio Highlands
Altitude: 1390 - 2980 masl
Producers: Various small-holders
Drying Method: Sun-dried on African Beds
Harvested: Oct - December