Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe Beloya

Another amazing Ethiopian Coffee, the Yirgacheffe Beloya. Exceptionally clean natural coffee, think everything PURPLE, ripe Black Doris plums, Ribena syrup, Black currants.
Black Doris plums
Black currant
Ribena Syrup
AED 99.00
Total: AED 99.00
Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe Beloya

Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe Beloya
Varieties: Heirloom
Country: Ethiopia
Process: Natural
Region: Woreda district, Gedio region, Beloya village
Altitude: 1700 – 1750 masl
Producers: Gildardo Gutierrez
Drying Method: Raised African drying beds
Harvested: December to February

About this product

The Gedio region enjoys fertile iron rich soils, and a good spread of genetic variety due to the Heirloom varieties that grow here. With an ongoing political crisis, security and human rights issues, government abuses and violence along community and ethnic lines, (and still feeling the effects of covid), this coffee season has been an incredibly challenging one, with many farmers unable to even harvest their crops
This coffee from the Beloya village is one of the few very special, naturals we could get our hands on, and luckily, you will not be disappointed. Heleanna and her processing team at Moplaco, have their own washing station in Kochere, so access and communication was complicated, but it was still possible. We feel very lucky to be able to offer this beautiful coffee.
Beloya became famous when the Specialty sundried craze started to spread, and the community produced some excellent results. There is a reason why Ethiopia holds such a strong place in our hearts, and why we love the nuanced profiles, and its not just its heritage.