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A great gift for a friend or family

We’re proud of every origin and blend we sell, but picking the perfect coffee or piece of equipment for someone else can be tough. RAW Gift Cards allow your loved one to choose anything they want, from training courses and t-shirts to brewing items and coffee subscriptions. Available in AED 100 value depending on your budget.

You can also choose to gift an amount specific to each of our training courses.

Gift Cards are sent as a printable PDF via email upon check out. 


This comes as a printable PDF for gifting. The RAW Gift voucher will have a code which can be used for payment during an online purchase on our website only.

Gift Card
From AED 100
Dhs. 100
Dhs. 100
Dhs. 250
Dhs. 500
Dhs. 750
Dhs. 1000
Dhs. 1500
Dhs. 2000
Home Brewer Course
Home Barista Course
SCA CSP Barista Skills Foundation
SCA CSP Brewing Skills Foundation
SCA CSP Sensory Skills Foundation
SCA CSP Introduction to Coffee
Inside RAW
AED 100.00
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Gift Card