Kenya Nyeri Hill


Established in 1914 this is one the original East African coffee farms. The farm serves over 300 people in the community directly who earn a living from it and over 16,000 people indirectly. Nyeri Hill Farm lies between two permanent rivers namely River Chania & Muringato, which originate from natural springs on the Aberdare Ranges. The soils on the farm are well drained very deep loams of high fertility.

To conform to environmental sustainability standards both exotic and indigenous trees have been planted within the coffee fields in the last couple of years. The management has planted Bermuda Blue grass on sloppy areas and many leguminous trees around the farm to support the existing landscape.

Tasting notes are very clean and vibrant, medium body, passionfruit sweetness and acidity, positive woody sandalwood notes, and vanilla.

Passion Fruit
Woody Sandalwood
Dhs. 100.00
Total: Dhs. 100.00
Kenya Nyeri Hill