Push Tamper & Seat - 15% OFF

There are a million variables that could lead to a bad shot of espresso; from grinding too coarse or too fine. However, the easiest way to mess up is the tamp. The RAW Push Tamper was designed with this problem in mind.

It consists of a solid, stainless-steel 58mm base, a stainless-steel adjustable mid-ring, and a screw cap. These components will allow you to adjust the depth of the tamp, making it easier to tamp consistently, all day long! 

It’s also super important to always use protection when making coffee! The Cafelat Tamper Seat is the perfect way to protect your counter-top and tamper from each other.

We've put together a bundle that'll keep you safe and do it right ;)
Silver Push Tamper Tamper Seat 

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Push Tamper & Seat - 15% OFF