Rwanda, Anoxic Anaerobic Natural


This Rwandan fermented coffee is an excellent depiction of a exceptionally uniform clean, anaerobic (anoxic) 48 hour fermented natural with a lychee fruity acidity & sweet with amazing ripe peach flavors and long balanced finish.

A 91 cupping score which has a tasting note of Caramelized pecans, lychee and ripe plum.

Caramelized pecans
Ripe Peach
Dhs. 150.00
Total: Dhs. 150.00
Rwanda, Anoxic Anaerobic Natural

Rwanda, Anoxic Anaerobic Natural
Varieties: Red Bourbon
Country: Rwanda
Process: Anoxic – Anaerobic fermentation
Region: Nyamasheke District
Altitude: 1550 – 1850 MASL
Producers: Rugali – Muraho Coffee
Drying Method: Raised beds, 38 days
Harvested: May 2022

About this product

When fresh cherries are delivered to the washing station, they first go through our strict quality control stages of hand picking and floating to eliminate the bag/defected cherries.
Once only the top cherries are separated, they are then placed in a clean airtight tank. This tank is then covered with clean sheeting and cool water is then poured onto the top of the sheeting to create a water pillow effect. This will create an anoxic environment for the coffees. The water also helps in controlling the temperature during the fermentation
This lots was fermented for 48 Hrs in total. Once fermentation is complete the coffee is rinsed with the water on top of the sheeting and drained. It is then taken to the raised African drying beds where the usual drying procedure is followed as standard for sun dried Naturals. The total drying time for this lots was 38 days.