Hario - Syphon

The Syphon is a time-tested brewer that blends theatricality with unparalleled quality.

If you can master this process you are a true Coffee Ninja. Even if you don’t nail it, people will be impressed because it looks great and by association, you’ll look great. It brews up to 3 intense cups of coffee.

Available in TCA-3 and TCA-5 cups.

Dhs. 475.00
Total: Dhs. 475.00
Hario - Syphon

About this product

Two glass chambers are suspended on a tabletop stand, filled with water, and heated by an open flame. The expansion of hot air in the lower chamber forces water upwards and keeps it "floating" above. Coffee is then added to the top chamber, where it’s steeped in hot water for a relatively short amount of time until it’s filtered on the way down. When the flame is extinguished, the cooling air in the lower chamber allows the coffee to fall below. Complete immersion of the grounds results in a complex and intensely flavorful cup, while the cloth filter keeps it smooth and free from undesirable sediment.