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What time does the café open?

How can I manage or pause my coffee subscription?

Where and when do you deliver?

What are your delivery charges?

I have placed an order but did not receive any confirmation.

Do you ship internationally? What are the costs?

We are organising an event. Can you be our coffee partner?

Is it possible to organise an event or party at RAW?

Do you take bookings?

Coffee Supply

Do you sell green coffee beans?

Is your coffee organic?

How long does your coffee last from the time of roasting?

How fresh is RAW coffee?

How should I store my coffee?

We would like to order RAW coffee beans for our café. What rates will we get?


If I buy a coffee machine from you, is it under warranty?

Should I switch off my coffee machine when I’m not using it?

How often should I clean my coffee machine?

I have an issue with my coffee machine/grinder. What do I do?

What is the correct water to use with my equipment?


Can I book a training course on the day of my choice?

Do you offer private training at home?

Do your training courses include the cost of exams and certificates?

I have a coffee machine at home. Which course should I attend?

I am looking to start my career as a barista. Which course should I take?

What course should I choose for myself/my team?


I have purchased a coffee machine from RAW. Will I be charged for repair or maintenance?

Can I service my coffee machine with RAW even if I did not purchase it from RAW?


Which is the strongest coffee you have for an espresso?

What is your most vibrant fruity coffee?

Which is your best coffee for milk-based drinks?

Which coffee is sweet and works for both milk-based and black coffee?

Which coffee is good for automatic espresso machines?

What should I do if my coffee tastes too acidic?

Why does my coffee taste bitter?


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