Bodum - KENYA, French Press Coffee Maker

The French Press is a popular avenue into the world of coffee brewing most probably due to its ease of use.

Simply add some ground coffee in the glass chamber, pour hot water, allow the coffee to brew for about 3-4 minutes, and slowly push the plunger down to move the coffee grounds to the bottom.

The KENYA, French Press coffee maker has two sizes 3 cups and 4 cups.
AED 140.00
Total: AED 140.00
Bodum - KENYA, French Press Coffee Maker

About this product

For a fast and easy way to a great cup of coffee: add your favorite ground coffee, hot water, press and enjoy the most aromatic delight in the shortest period of time. The Kenya French Press has a reinforced nylon frame and a borosilicate glass jug.

3 cup – 350ml (12 oz)
4 cup – 500ml (17 oz)

Benefit: Dishwasher Safe

Black Plastic Frame
Stainless steel filter parts
Made from heat resistant borosilicate glass