Rocket - Boxer 2 Group

The ROCKET BOXER is the embodiment of industrial efficiency. From its stainless steel brushed panels to its 'bigger is better' 13.5-litre boiler, it prefers to let the coffee do the talking.

Very much a modern classic, the BOXER builds on vintage no-nonsense espresso machine design by packing in a plethora of labor-saving features. Volumetric controls shot timers, insulated steam wands for the newbies and an auto-back flush programmer give baristas everything they'd need in an Italian, high-quality espresso machine. In a market where specialty equipment is slowly becoming less affordable, the ROCKET BOXER is a timely contender making its way to the Dubai coffee ring. In other words, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

The mammoth heat exchanger at the heart of this beast tends to build up super-heated water in the boiler if left idle for a while. However, we don't see that as a negative, just as an opportunity to purge the group head and look like a boss wading through the thick steamy fog. 

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