We source premium green beans from around the world and have selected the niche specialty market looking for quality and sustainability. It’s really important to us that our beans are ethically sourced and the farmers and their families growing our coffee are treated fairly and can make a sustainable living. We deal directly with our farmers and the processing partners and buy fresh beans each year, roasting these with care, paying attention to every detail. You can then visit our warehouse roastery to sample or purchase our single origins or blends, or order here online and have your fresh beans delivered as you like them, to your doorstep!

RAW was founded in 2007 and we quickly realized coffee is not just about the beans and how much care we put into roasting them. It’s also about managing many other variables, including your water quality, training, and finding the right equipment manufacturers to align ourselves with. We are happy to share our 13 years of local knowledge with you too so that you can enjoy an exceptional coffee experience with us.

We realized early on that coffee is not just about the beans, it's about how much care is put into the sourcing and roasting, it’s also about managing all the other variables, including your water quality, training (we are a Premier SCA training center), and finding the right equipment manufacturers.

Located in Dubai, Al Quoz 1, in a busy industrial area with a working roastery/cafe. You are welcome to visit and enjoy a coffee at our espresso bar and sit and sample different coffees at our brew bar, with one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members.

Bags of fresh beans are available to purchase in-house or online so you can have your fresh roasted coffee delivered directly to your doorstep.

We are really happy to share our 15 years of local MENA knowledge with you too, so head on over to RAW and enjoy a really exceptional coffee experience with us or reach out to info@rawcoffee.ae so we can help you with all things coffee.