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What time does the Cafe open?

Our Cafe is open daily from 7:30am to 6pm

Our office is open from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. If you would like to get in touch with our team, head over to our Contact RAW page, fill in your details under general inquiry, and hit submit!

How can I buy a Gift Card?

Gift cards can be purchased and redeemed online. Check out what we offer on our Gift Card page.

How can I manage or pause my coffee subscription?

Your coffee subscription can be managed through your account dashboard. Login to your account, click on “My Account”, you will find “Manage Subscriptions”. For further assistance feel free to submit your inquiry through Contact RAW.

Where and when do you deliver?

All Dubai orders will be delivered from Monday to Saturday.

Orders Outside Dubai will be delivered within 2 business days. We do not deliver on public holidays.

What are your delivery charges?

Dubai - We charge a Delivery Fee of AED 10. Free delivery for orders above AED 300. No minimum order requirements. 

Other Emirates - We charge a Delivery Fee of AED 20.

Free delivery for orders above AED 400. No minimum order requirements. 

I have placed an order but did not receive any confirmation.

All orders receive automatic email confirmation from our website. It’s highly possible that the email is in your spam or junk folder so take a look in there.

For further assistance, submit your inquiry and contact details through our Contact RAW page.

Do you ship internationally, what are the costs?

Yes! Shipping cost is calculated automatically at checkout.

We are going to organize an event; can you be our coffee partner?

Yes, we offer several supply options for events. Please use the event inquiry form on our Contact RAW page to get in touch.

Is it possible to organize an event or party at RAW?

Absolutely! Please use the event inquiry form on our Contact RAW page if you wish to inquire about hosting an event at RAW.

Do you take bookings?

We do not normally take bookings however it is recommended to call us if you have a large group.

Do you sell green coffee beans?

Unfortunately, we do not sell or trade green coffee beans.

Is your coffee Organic?

All our coffee is ethically sourced, and some of them are organically certified by the recognised certifying body in the countries where the beans are grown.

Ifyou need more details, please contact us at info@rawcoffee.ae

How long does your coffee last from the time of roasting?

For optimal flavour, we recommend drinking our coffee no more than four weeks after roasting. Carefully store in a dry airtight container.

How fresh is RAW coffee?

Our coffee is roasted regularly in small batches, we recommend you order what you need each week, and we will deliver to you weekly to ensure it is always at peak freshness.

How do I store my coffee?

Make sure that you keep your delicious coffee in an airtight container in a cool, dry place away from any sunlight, to ensure maximum freshness.

We would like to order RAW coffee beans for our café, what rates will I get?

We’ve got an entire page dedicated to you! Submit your inquiry and contact details through our Coffee Supply page and we’ll get back to you right away!

If I buy a coffee machine from you, is it under warranty?

RAW upholds the manufacturer’s warranty for up to one year, as long as the power/water quality requirements of the machine are met.

Want to know more? Submit your inquiry through Contact RAW.

Should I switch off my coffee machine when I’m not using it?

If you are using your machine regularly, you don’t have to turn it off but, make sure water is more than 50% in the reservoir tank. If you are not going to use your machine for more than 3 days, we advise you to turn it off.

How often should I clean my coffee machine?

Depends on usage: for machines used in a café, you would need to clean it every day; machines used at home should be back flushed regularly and properly cleaned

We also recommend servicing your machine annually to keep it healthy

(just like your car!)

I have an issue with my coffee machine/grinder, what do I do?

Please Call us or contact our Service team at servicing@rawcoffee.ae or info@rawcoffee.ae

What is the correct water to use with my equipment?

We recommend using water with low levels of Chloride and low minerals.

RAW team have tested most available supermarket bottled waters and at the time of writing:

Arwa (from Coke) and Aquafina (from Pepsi) are the only local made waters with Chlorides low enough to be used to maintain manufacturers warranties in coffee equipment.

Please contact the RAW team info@rawcoffee.ae if you need any assistance with water for coffee.

For more information about our RAW water solution for coffee, check out our blog.

Can I book a training on the day of my choice?

Private training can be scheduled at a day and time that is mutually convenient, however, there are cancellation fees for no shows and re-bookings are subject to availability.

Our training schedule is updated every week and available to check out on our website.

For more details, or to talk with someone about our training options please contact us at training@rawcoffee.ae

Do you offer private training at home?

To maximize the effectiveness of our training courses, all training is conducted at our training facility in Al Quoz.

We do not offer training outside of our facility at present. For more details, contact us at training@rawcoffee.ae

Can I buy a training gift voucher?

Gift Cards for training can be purchased on our website. Check out
our Gift Card page and purchase a training gift card available. 

I have received a training gift voucher. How can I redeem the voucher?

Visit our website, choose the course, and date you’d like in our training schedule, proceed to checkout and use your gift voucher code for 100% discount at checkout.

Does your training courses include the cost of exams and certificates?

The course fees exclude SCA examination and certification fees. Examination fees for each SCA course is mentioned in the course page. For more info on costs for SCA members and non-SCA members please contact training@rawcoffee.ae

I have a coffee machine at home, which course should I attend?

We highly recommend our Home Barista course.

I am looking to start my career as a barista, which course should I take?

Check out our SCA courses. We offer three levels for each course, Foundation, Intermediate and Professional. For beginners, we recommend completing the Foundation level first. To learn more about SCA and their guidelines, head over to SCA Education.

What course shall I choose for myself/my team?

For more information check out our Training page or email us at training@rawcoffee.ae and we will choose the best option for you.

I have purchased the coffee machine from RAW, will I be charged for repair or maintenance?

RAW upholds the manufacturer’s warranty on all equipment sold. However, all espresso machines need regular maintenance due to normal wear and tear which is not covered by warranty, so please contact our servicing email on servicing@rawcoffee.ae

How often should I get my coffee machine serviced?

Whenever a machine is brought into RAW, the machine is stress-tested over the first 2 hours to determine exactly what needs to be done. The process from start to finish can take anywhere from three to five working days. (We have some awesome ReadyRAW sachets that are super convenient and easy and can keep you caffeinated while we fix your machine).

How long would it take to get my coffee machine serviced?

Whenever a machine is brought into RAW, the machine is stress-tested over the first 24 hours to determine exactly what needs to be done. The process from start to finish can take anywhere from three to five working days. (We have some awesome ReadyRAW sachets that are super convenient and easy and can keep you caffeinated while we fix your machine).

Can I service my coffee machine even if I did not purchase it from RAW?

Yes, we can still service Rockets, and La Marzocco machines that were not purchased from us, however charges will apply, and warranty cannot be availed.

Want to try something really special?
Which is the strongest coffee you have for an espresso?

A crowd favourite and the darkest coffee we have, our Black Tie Blend will be the best choice for an espresso.

What is your most vibrant fruity coffee?
Which is your best coffee for milk-based drinks?

All our Blends work best for milk-based drinks. These coffees (Blends) are typically designed to be versatile and go well with milk, and as espresso. Start with our LBD Blend or our Black Tie Blend

Which coffee is sweet, mellow and works for both milk-base and black coffee?

We recommend our blends if you are adding milk to your coffee. We suggest trying out our LBD Blend or our Working Blend. If you prefer a single origin, try the Burundi Busundi or the Timor Leste Honey

Which coffee is good for automatic espresso machines?

Our Black Tie Blend is relatively a darker roast, it will contain more soluble compounds allowing machines with lower pressure outputs to brew it more consistently, If you need us to grind the coffee beans for you, we need to know which machine model you have at home so we deliver the right grind size.

What should I do if my coffee tastes too acidic?

Your coffee is probably under-extracted. Adjust your grind size or Yield. Please also check the quality of your water and check out our blog on the importance of water.

Why am I getting bitter coffee?

You’re extracting too much! You either have to change the grind size a bit coarser or reduce yield.

Should I reheat milk?

It is definitely best and safest not to do this.