BELR - Portable Self-lock French Press

This portable French press is a surprisingly effective brewer, in the guise of an every-day thermos flask. A double-wall stainless steel vacuum and insulated walls will help keep the coffee hot, or cold for 4-6 hours.
AED 120.00
Total: AED 120.00
BELR - Portable Self-lock French Press

About this product

It is ideal for the wandering coffee-lover as its stainless-steel construction makes it easy to clean and durable. Simply remove the plunger, and add 25 grams of coffee into the chamber. Pour water over the grounds and allow the coffee to brew for 4 minutes. Slowly push the plunger down and an extra-fine stainless-steel mesh filter combined with a simple locking system will help to separate the coffee grounds from the final brew. 

Brewing Capacity: 355ml (12oz)

Material: Stainless Steel