Chemex Filter-Drip Coffee Maker

The Chemex coffee maker is one of the purest methods of brewing and has been for over forty years. An iconic brewer with a timeless design, the Chemex is housed in the MOMA permanent design collection – it lives on most of our kitchen counters, too.

Using it is simple, place grounds in the cone-shaped filter at the top and pour hot water over them.

Available in 3 cups and 6 cups.

AED 200.00
Total: AED 200.00
Chemex Filter-Drip Coffee Maker

About this product

No bells, no whistles, and slow, even brewing ensures a full-flavored cup every time. This is for use with Chemex filters. Known as a pristine coffeemaker, Chemex employs all of the chemically correct methods for brewing.

The Chemex has no moving parts and will work forever, unless it is dropped or in some other way demolished. Chemex filters are made of the highest quality filter paper. With a wide selection of coffeemakers, filters, and accessories, we can assist you in all of your coffee needs.

3 Cup - 1 Pint
6 Cup - 30 Ounce

3 Cup - 8 1/4"
6 Cup - 8 1/2"

3 Cup - 3"
6 Cup - 5 1/8"