Eureka - Brew Pro 55 Grinder


The Eureka Mignon Brew Pro 55 is a coffee grinder on demand grinder that can be a replacement for the EK43S ( HOW COOL IS THAT!)

It concentrates on drip style coffees like Aeropress, French Press with it's 55mm flat burrs (Brew specific design) designed specifically for brewed coffee. 

Has an attachable grounds container.

the best part about this Grinder is it's 

 -Silent Technology
 -ACE System
 -Easy Setting System
 -Stepless Micrometric Regulation System (patented by Eureka)
 -Touch screen (2 doses + continuous)


What are you waiting for! Get it now. 

 Please review our T&Cs before purchasing.

T&Cs Apply
AED 2,450.00
Total: AED 2,450.00