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Coffee & Chocolate…. Chocolate & Coffee
Posted by Kim Thompson on

Coffee & Chocolate…. Chocolate & Coffee

We are super excited to announce to you all that one of the most loved Kiwi brands, is finally available with us here at the roastery. Whittaker’s chocolates is NZ’s second-largest chocolate company after Cadburys and was founded in NZ in the late 1890s by a young James Whittaker, and now in its 3rd generation of family ownership. But unlike Cadbury’s, they do not use any nasty Palm Oil or any genetically modified ingredients. So, it’s practically guilt-free!


Most of their cocoa beans are sourced from Ghana and then batch roasted just like we do here with our coffee beans.

Each cocoa pod has up to 60 cocoa beans which are first fermented and then dried before roasting.

Whittaker’s use a 50 / 50 mix of cocoa butter and cocoa mass that is slowly ground, to produce a super-rich cocoa liquid. They process this in their factory near NZ’s capital city Wellington. Matt was even a supplier to the factory in his past life.


The iconic “peanut slab” has been around since the 1950s and the recipe has not changed since then. We would thoroughly recommend it’s a damn good place to start on your Whittaker’s journey.

You're welcome! 😉

Learn more about Whittaker’s Chocolates


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