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A Letter to Our Customers
Posted by Kim Thompson on

A Letter to Our Customers

One thing this crisis has given us is some precious time. Time to slow down, to reflect, and to really analyze from all angles, what to value, what we have lost, and what our company might look like in the future, our New Norm.

I keep coming back to the importance of relationships. Whether between landlords and tenants, suppliers and operators, us and our customers, operators and delivery companies, suppliers and logistics companies, and internally in our RAW team. Not one of us comes out of this thing unscathed because each of us walks the same tenuous tight rope. Our F&B industry was flawed, and this time of reflection allows us to look at why it was broken and what we need to do if we are to come out of this with some level of dignity.  

On a positive note, we have realised that we can achieve a huge amount of output while working from home. Our Management and Admin team have been working from home for more than 6 weeks. We have had some huge wins and completed tasks and projects we had been dreaming of focusing on, but we hadn’t been able to as we got bogged down in the day to day stuff. It’s been incredible. So, we are considering the options of days working from home continuing when we do re-open, and more focus on the outcome than “office hours”. 

We have just re-opened for takeaway, it didn’t feel right to try to offer more than that, to protect our team, and to protect you as well. It felt a little sad seeing the space, temporarily set up with plastic barriers, and only being able to see our Team’s eyes, above their masks. But it is a positive step, and if you are passing when you are out on your essential chores, we are here, and we do miss seeing you all. Hopefully, it won’t be too much longer until we are able to welcome you inside. One lesson this situation has taught us is that you must be dynamic as everything changes so quickly.

We always knew we had the most amazing Team working with us at RAW, we are super proud of them, their loyalty, their knowledge and for trusting us to do the right thing by them when times get tough. There was no way we were going to lose any of them, so don’t worry we promise we are looking after them all. A few of our folks made it home and are waiting it out there, others have joined teams or new departments as we change the business from a business to business, to business to consumer-centric. At the moment we have lost 95% of our normal wholesale business, but we hope, slowly some of the cafes and restaurants we supply to will open, but we are expecting many will not, as the market was so full and the margins so low.

One thing as your coffee supplier we hope will be an improvement, is that we are now able to offer you freshly roasted coffee delivered to your door, Sunday through Thursday. We have partnered with delivery companies Quiqup who are supporting us with Dubai deliveries, and Fetchr for all our other Emirates. A week in and we are ironing out a few teething challenges, but we will do everything possible to ensure your experience is positive.

We have worked on and developed an interactive barista support that virtually joins you in your home, with our amazing trainers, assisting you with whatever equipment and brewing technique you have, to really get the best out of our coffee.  We hope with the extra time you have at home and your desire to drink good coffee, that this will be an exciting new opportunity for you to realise when you follow some basics, its super easy to enjoy amazing quality at home.

And from the bottom of our RAW hearts, we want to say a big thank you, for your support, and for your kind wishes and for checking in on us, because it means everything! #SupportLocalDXB

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