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6 Simple Brewing Options & Basic Rules for Success
Posted by Georgia Thompson on

6 Simple Brewing Options & Basic Rules for Success

Cafec Flower Dripper

There is a myth among the public that goes along the lines that it is expensive or very difficult, to make better coffee at home.

Either, drinkers will spend lots of money on apparatus (and still get a bad tasting brew), or they just accept that a cup of coffee at home is for fuel and waking up, not for taste.

The fact is, making good coffee doesn’t have so much to do with expensive machinery or the type of brewing method. There are some simple hacks that every home brewer can employ to dramatically improve their coffee game! Use these and you can declare yourself a master home barista (or better yet take our 'Home Barista' course to really knock it out the park.) 

First the basics, always use:

  • Freshly roasted coffee (single origin med / light roast works best)
  • Freshly ground at the time of making your coffee (ground the correct size)
  • Good quality water (bring a bottle and come grab some from RAW for free)



You may be familiar with the Hario V60 but check out these beautiful CAFEC flower drippers.  There are lots of great YouTube tutorials but once your find your technique its simple to replicate.  Invest in some scales and a good quality kettle so that you can control a nice even slow pour. 

Cafec Flower Dripper



Iconic, elegant, slow simple brewing that can become a meditative morning ritual.  Using a filter paper this yields a beautiful clean coffee.  To get the best results with a Chemex its best to use a scale and timer, find what ratios work best for you and notice how the flavors change and become more identifiable as it cools.




Super simple, excellent filtration, its worth the wait, brewing up to 1.5 liters of concentrated goodness that can last for 2 weeks in the fridge.  Light acidity, sweet and smooth.   Check these ideas out, but basically the worlds your oyster.

Toddy System



Popular, convenient, and no fuss.  Just add your freshly ground coffee (grams to your preferred taste), steep for 3 – 4 minutes, then press the plunger down to filter out the grinds.  Ideal for sharing.

French Press



Not exactly sexy but super consistent, fully automated, and easy to use.  Yields a full flask so a great way to caffeinate friends, family, or your team.   We prefer the flasks as they keep the coffee nice and hot for a couple of hours.




An excellent choice if you are travelling, a combination of total immersion and filtration, compact and durable, makes a super clean coffee with great body and bonus, you can brew as strong as you like with the option to add additional hot water to taste.  Ideal if you are making coffee for one.



That is it from us RAW tribe, happy brewing and remember to tag us online so we can see your brew game! 


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